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Short bedtime stories for children

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Short bedtime stories for children

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قصص للاطفال قبل النوم قصيرة 

Many children are keen to listen to beautiful stories every day before bedtime as these stories are one of the types of literature in the world, where parents resort to instill many good and educational qualities as well as educational values within their children through the stories they love in order to expand their horizons and increase their ability to imagination, as these stories can deliver ideas, wisdom and sermons through a simple narration of the story, we will explain in this article short stories for children before bedtime that’s enjoyable for them.

The story of the hedgehog and small animals

  • One of the coolest short bedtime stories for children is about a little hedgehog in a forest with a lot of animals, he always loved to play with them.
  • The animals didn’t want to play with him and avoided him because his back was full of thorns and he could hurt them if they approached him, as he pierced the rabbit’s ball when they played together, as well as causing pain to the turtle when they walking together in the forest.
  • The hedgehog decided to stay away from everyone, enter his house and never go out of it because he does not want to hurt his friends whom he loves with the thorns he carries.
  • He hid for more than a day in his house and when he asked the animals about him, they knew that he was hiding in his house and did not leave him, so they decided to bring him a gift in order to solve his problem.
  • The animals all gathered and went to the house of the hedgehog, when they knocked on his door, he opened it to them while he was crying and his tears were abundant, they smiled at him and gave him the gift and asked him to open it, he found pieces of cork, but he did not understand what this was.
  • They gathered around him and began to place cork pieces on the forks in the hedgehog’s back and were able to cover them all, they were able to hug him and play with him together without any fear or anxiety.
  • From this story we learn that friendship is one of the strongest elements of life and it can overcome any problem that a person faces in his life.

The story of the fisherman and the fish

  • It is said that once there was a skilled fisherman who spent his whole day fishing in a river full of fish and never came without fish.
  • One day, the fisherman tried to catch any fish all day, but he couldn’t, at the end of the day he was able to catch only one fish that was small and did not succeed in catching any other fish.
  • The little fish spoke to the fisherman and said sadly to him: “Let me go back to the sea, I’m still small and look for any big fish and catch it.”
  • The fisherman replied and told her: “I won’t be able to leave you, because I haven’t gained any fish in my day yet”.
  • This story is a wonderful story among the short bedtime stories for children that suggest to a person to stick to the profit of his day even if it is small, it is better than any profit that is not present and uncertain
Short bedtime stories for children
  • It is said that there was a small mouse who found the lion sleeping, so he climbed on his back and began to play, which caused inconvenience to the lion and made him wake up angry and grabbed the mouse.
  • The lion decided to eat the mouse, but the mouse was afraid of what would happen, he apologized to the lion and began to beg him to leave him and not eat him and promised him to come to save him one day in case he was left walking.
  • The mouse got the lion’s ridicule when he told him this, so how could a little mouse help the king of the forest, but in the end he decided to let him go.
  • After several days, a number of hunters were able to catch the lion and catch it and they were able to control it, tied it with ropes and put it in a cage alone.
  • The mouse was able to see the lion in this situation and remembered what he had promised the lion, approached him and started cutting the ropes and nibbling them around the lion.
  • The lion managed to escape and moved away from the hunters, then the mouse talked to the lion and asked him: “Did you remember when I told you that I would save you one day ?” and the lion thanked the mouse for what he did and apologized to him for mocking him.
  • This story is one of the most famous short bedtime stories for children that indicates the need not to mock anyone, especially under strength, because one day the strong will become weak and the weak will become strong.

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The story of the crows

  • One of the most famous short bedtime stories for children, which tells about a forest with many animals, where they managed to hear two crows on a high tree branch fighting among themselves.
  • The fox approached them trying to understand what caused the fight and asked them what had happened to you, to which one of them responded.
  • The crow told the fox that they had agreed to divide the piece of cheese among themselves equally, but the other crow took a larger share, so the fox laughed at this and told them what do you think I could help you split the piece of cheese.
  • The two crows looked at each other, agreed with what the fox said, gave him the piece of cheese, the fox split it.
  • But after he divided it, he told them that this piece is bigger than the other, so I will eat of this piece until it is equal to the other because I keep justice done.
  • The fox ate a large piece until it made it smaller than the first piece, after which he apologized to them, saying it didn’t become equal either.
  • The fox kept doing this and deliberately unequal the two pieces until he ate the cheese completely and ran away from them.
  • This story shows people that they must solve all their problems themselves without the help of a stranger and keep any problem secret.

The story of the fox and the grapes

  • One of the most prominent bedtime stories for children is short, as it tells about a small fox that was walking in the forest and accidentally glimpsed a bunch of grapes in one of the high branches.
  • The fox rejoiced a lot and remembered that he was thirsty, that it was this grape that would quench his thirst and decided to get this grape anyway.
  • The fox stepped back and then jumped to get the cluster but couldn’t, and repeated it a lot but all his attempts failed.
  • After despair in the same fox moved away from the tree and said that he no longer wanted this grapes are one of the sour fruits.
  • This story points to a great sermon and lesson, which is that if a person does not reach what he wants, he criticizes it very easily.

The story of the seven chicks

  • One of the most famous bedtime stories is about seven chicks with their mother who decided to go out to fetch them food and warned them not to open the door to anyone.
  • The mother told them to stay at home until she returns and not to leave the house for any reason because there is a wolf hovering around and she is afraid of them.
  • The mother went out and left them inside, the wolf watched the hen come out of the house and leave the chicks alone, so he decided to eat them all and fill his stomach with the little chicks.
  • The wolf knocked on the door and said to the chicks: “open the door, I am back, I am your mother.” but the chicks gathered and said this is not our mother’s voice, this is the cunning wolf and they told him to stay away, your voice is rough and does not resemble the voice of our mother.
  • The wolf decided to knock on the door again and speak in a soft voice and said: “I am your mother, open the door.” and the chicks realized that she was their mother and decided to open the door, but there was a smart chick among them who told them not to open before we look out of the door hole.
  • The chick looked and found that there was something black and he said: ” Go, wolf, from here, you are not safe, because her hand is white, and your hand is black.”
  • The wolf went and became angry because of it so he decided to fill his body with flour so that it would become white, after doing so he went to the chicks and knocked on the door again.
  • The wolf said to the chicks, “Open, I have brought you food,” and when the chicks looked out of the gap, they found a white hand, so they decided to open the door.
  • The wolf made sure he could deceive the chicks this time, but the smart chick stood in front of them so that they would not open the door and told them if this was our mother, she would open the door without waiting for us to open it, as she had a key.
  • At this moment the mother came and found the wolf, shouted to the people of the village to come to save her and the wolf fled quickly so that they would not catch him, the mother embraced her children and felt joy at the behavior of the smart chick and told them not to rush into the matter and think carefully before doing anything.
  • This story suggests to the child to hear the words of parents, as well as you must take care and caution and not rush into any matter and think well before doing any action.
Short bedtime stories for children

The story of the foolish donkey

  • One of the coolest short bedtime stories for children that has great significance for man, as it is said that there was a seller in ancient times who sold salt in villages adjacent to his own.
  • The seller transported salt on his donkey and crosses through a torrent of water to go to other nearby villages to sell salt.
  • One day the donkey could not cross the torrent and was obstructed as it crossed the torrent of water and the salt fell into the water.
  • Then the salt dissolved and the load on the donkey became very light, which encouraged the donkey to talk to himself and he asked himself: “why not repeat what happened every day with the intention of reducing the load” ?
  • He then repeated what happened every day, causing successive losses to the trader, but the seller was smart and he made sure that the donkey meant this and did not fall from it unintentionally.
  • Then the trader decided to punish the donkey and decided to pack the bags with cotton instead of salt, after which the donkey intentionally dropped the truth into the water.
  • When the bag fell into the water, it drank water and became heavier, the donkey regretted what he had done after receiving his reward.
  • This story suggests that we should act honestly wherever we are placed as long as we accept it, and we should not deceive those we work with.

The story of the lazy boy

  • The story is told about a child who is very lazy and takes a long time in everything, especially when he wakes up and gets out of bed.
  • His mother always insisted on waking him up and kept screaming and cheering over his head until he woke up getting up from place to place and didn’t want to wake up.
  • This child was also lazy in all his things and not only in waking up, as he was lazy in his appearance and clothes that he even had no friends with whom to play because of this shape.
  • One day his family left him alone at home and left completely, because he could not wake up and his mother decided to punish him for his laziness to see the result of his actions.
  • The child looked out of the window in the house and found an apple tree full of fruits and it lured him and decided to go out to the garden and eat from it because it looks delicious.
  • Because this child was too lazy to climb into the tree, nor cut a single grain, he decided to wait under the tree until an apple fell without any effort and remained hungry all day because of his laziness.
  • This story is one of the most important short bedtime stories for children and encourages children not to be lazy and strive in life for a living.

The story of the cunning fox

  • It is said that a large forest where there was a lion king of the forest harmed and frightened all animals, which made the animals gather among themselves in order to cooperate and counter the harm of this powerful lion.
  • The animals were able to make a solid plan, which was to lock him in a cage, and indeed they were able to carry out their plan that they planned and locked him up and then lived in safety and peace.
  • Then one day a rabbit moved next to the cage where the lion was trapped and the lion said to him, “Little rabbit, please help me out of the cage.”
  • The rabbit told him no, you won’t get out of the cage because you eat animals and hurt them and the lion replied and told him I will become a friend of all animals and I will not harm them after I get out of here.
  • The lion managed to convince the innocent rabbit, and he opened the cage door for the lion and as soon as he got out he told him you will be my first prey, the rabbit screamed and called for help from the animals.
  • There was a fox nearby and he heard the rabbit’s distress so he ran to him to help him, and after he arrived he said to the lion: ” O great lion, I heard that you were locked in this cage” and asked him: “did this really happen?” the lion answered: ” yes the animals locked me inside”.
  • The fox replied to him: ” I do not believe what you are saying so how can a great and huge lion like you enter this cage you are definitely lying” the lion said to him: ” I am not a liar and I will prove to you now”.
  • The lion entered the cage again to prove what he said to the fox, then the fox quickly closed the cage door and the lion was locked up again, the fox said to the rabbit: “do not believe the lion again”.
  • This story is one of the most famous short bedtime stories for children, which indicates the strength of the union in the face of evil and not listening to the words of malice.
Short bedtime stories for children

The story of the man and the donkey

  • It is said that there was a poor donkey who took little rest, always dragging carts and the owner always dragged him anywhere without eating or barely giving him a little and he suffered greatly in all his matters.
  • One day the man fell and could no longer move from his place and he asked the donkey for help and then the donkey reminded him of all his actions that he was hurting her with.
  • He explained to him how he treated him harshly, did not give him food or comfort, but in the end he helped him and that made his owner treat him well after he was cured.
  • This story is one of the short bedtime stories for children that refers to offering good things to any living being, whether human or animal, and not pressuring it.

In this article, we have listed some short bedtime stories for children that raise some positive effects within children, as well as some sermons and educational wisdom that the child will not forget for the rest of his life, especially in light of the current technological revolution in the world, which makes children can read these stories on phones or modern devices without having to buy them as was happening in the past, but parents must read to their children these stories in order to increase rapprochement between them.

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