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Encouraging the child to memorize Quran

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Encouraging the child to memorize Quran

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Many parents are keen to memorize Holy Quran for their children, they start with them at a young age, but some may find it difficult to do so, therefore they look for ways to Encouraging the child to memorize Quran, which helps him out and makes it easy for the child and the parent.

Ways to encourage a child to memorize Quran

There are many ways that parents can use to memorize and encourage their children for Quran, they are as follows:

  • Adhere daily to a certain amount of Holy Quran with continuous review of all of the above.
  • It is preferable for the child to memorize by specialists so that he can read Quran correctly without errors.
  • Take advantage of technology and recorded tapes for playing Quran permanently so that the child hears and memorizes it quickly.
  • Knowing the great goodness in memorizing Quran and planting his love in the heart of the child.
  • Knowing the cruelty and desolation of a heart devoid of Quran, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said: “who has nothing of Quran in his heart is like a ruined house.”
  • Make sure that children sit with good guys, learn from them and follow their example, as the Companions used to do in the past, such as bin Abbas, who used to stay with the Messenger of Allah permanently (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) .
  • Telling stories of Holy Quran with an easy interpretation that children understand, all of this facilitates memorization encourage children to turn to Holy Quran.
  • Providing incentive prizes for children to memorize Quran and the award can be linked to memorizing a certain amount of Quran.
  •  Memorization using collective methods, the teacher recites the verses, then repeats to the children, recite the verses together then asks them to memorize and recite in the next episode.
  • Memorizing gradually and taking into account the mind and age of children, so it begins with them by short surahs then dividing the long surahs into stages, so that the child does not get bored or despair.
  • Explain the meanings of verses and discuss them with children to make it easier for them.

Results of memorizing Holy Quran

  • Memorizing Holy Quran helps to activate the child’s memory and increases his IQ.
  • Quran also contributes significantly in organizing a child’s time.
  • The honorable companions did not teach their children anything until after memorizing Quran.
  • Attaining the upper houses with Allah Almighty as much as he memorized from Quran.
  • The Quran memorizer is one of the best people, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The best of you is the one who learns and teaches Quran.”
  • It helps children learn the right faith and make their hearts full of faith.

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Encouraging the child to memorize Quran

Why should you learn Quran at a young age?

 There are several reasons and concepts behind urging to memorize Quran at a young age, among these reasons:

  1. Teaching values and morals: Holy Quran contains faith and moral guidance and memorizing it at a young age helps to transmit these values and morals to new generations, memorizing Quran and thinking about its meanings can be a way to develop personality and guide behavior.
  2.  Preserving the Arabic Language: Holy Quran is a holy book in Arabic and memorizing it enhances language skills and preserves the Arabic language in society, Quran is an important source for classical Arabic, and memorizing it at a young age contributes to the preservation of this language.
  3. Communicating with Allah: Memorizing and reciting Quran is part of worship and constant communication with Allah, individuals who have memorized Quran can enjoy reciting and praying better, enhancing personal spirituality.
  4. Encouraging science and learning: The process of memorizing Quran requires thinking and concentration, which enhances learning and intelligence, this can contribute to encourage children to take an interest in science and learning.
  5.  Promoting Islamic Identity: Memorizing Quran is part of the Islamic identity of individuals. A person who has memorized Quran reinforces this aspect of his religious identity and feels proud of this achievement.

However, emphasis should also be placed on understanding the meanings and practical application of the teachings of Quran rather than being content with memorization, where the true spiritual and ethical aspects lie in understanding and applying the values contained in Quran.

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