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How do we pay zakat?

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How do we pay zakat?

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How do we pay zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and today we will learn How do we pay zakat after we knew earlier what zakat is?, and why we take it out, in this article we will learn how to pay zakat, the money that zakat is payable on, when we take it out and its amount.

How do we pay zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam, but it is imposed on a certain group of Muslims and without anyone else.

Zakat should not be paid to all people, but it should be paid to those who meet these conditions:

  • Islam: To be a Muslim, there is no zakat on an infidel.
  • Freedom: He must be free, so there is no zakat on a slave.
  • To have a certain type of money that has reached the nisab, which is a known amount that money reaches to and then he must pay zakat.
  • The nisab must have passed a full Hijri year.

What is the money which Zakat is payable on?

Zakat must be paid on some funds and properties that have reached the nisab, which are as follows:

  • Money is banknotes.
  • Gold and silver.
  • Cattle wander, including cows, camels, sheep and goats, provided that they graze grass, they are prepared for milking Plus we take milk from them, and that they are able to give birth.
  • All that come out of the ground like fruits and grains such as wheat, barley, raisins, and dates.

All these conditions, if passed by a Muslim, must pay zakat, according to what he owns and the type of his money.

If he has fruits or grains and they are watered by rain one tenth of them will come out, but if they are watered using agricultural equipment, half of the tenth will come out of them.

As for gold, silver and banknotes, quarter of tenth comes out of them.

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When should a Muslim pay zakat?

How do we pay zakat?
? How do we pay zakat

Zakat is paid after a full Hijri year has passed and the nisab of Zakat has been reached.

Each type of money and properties has its own nisab, which is determined as follows:

  • Fruits and grains: 652.8 kg.
  • Silver: 595 grams.
  • Gold: 85 grams.
  • Banknotes: The nisab of them is equal to the nisab of gold and silver.
  • As for the nisab of cattle, it is as follows:
  • Camels: the lowest limit is five, and there must be a calf between them.
  • Sheep: at least forty, and there must be a baby lamb between them .
  • Cow: At least thirty, and it must be a follow, which is the calf that has completed a year.

Here we finish today’s lesson and learn how to pay zakat? plus the money which zakat is payable on, and the nisab of each of them.



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