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That’s what i want from you Mom

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That’s what i want from you Mom

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Raising children is not an easy or difficult task, but it requires skillful handling. In this article (that’s what I want from you Mom) we will speak from the child’s perspective about what they need from their mother in order to receive proper and healthy upbringing, which will produce a generation that we can be proud of.

That’s what I want from you Mom

Every mother should understand the needs of her children no matter how young they are, as they feel just as we do.

Children have many emotions and pressures, but they are appropriate for their age and they must be dealt with carefully.

Every mother should care about her child’s feelings, not humiliate or embarrass them in front of others and show pride of them.

If we asked a child how would you like to be treated from your mother?, the answer would be as the following:

What do children need from their mothers?

That’s what i want from you Mom
  • Teach me tolerance, so if I make a mistake forgive me and if I apologize accept my apology.
  • Don’t say in front of me that you never make mistakes because I will believe you and if the opposite happens, I will lose trust in you.
  • Love is more about actions than words, so show me your love through actions and don’t just say “I love you” then act differently.
  • Teach me love people, respect my neighbors and those who are older than me.
  • Teach me good manners and to say “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me,” and “may God reward you with goodness”.
  • You should teach me the culture of apologizing and saying “I’m sorry” when I make a mistake.
  • Teach me eating manners when I’m alone or with others.
  • Spoil me, but not excessively. You don’t have to obey me in everything and give me everything I ask for, like toys, food, or money.
  • Be firm in saying “yes” when it’s a “yes” and saying “no” when it’s a “no”.
  • don’t change your mind for me no matter what I do.
  • Don’t neglect me or leave me in pain and screaming without doing anything even if you don’t give me what I want, don’t leave me alone.
  • I am the outcome of habits. Mom Don’t let me get used to bad things without changing them.
  • If I make a mistake, don’t humiliate me in front of my siblings, relatives, strangers, or guests.
  • Don’t blame me too much or curse me because it won’t help.
  • Tell me my mistake, but don’t make me feel like it’s a big deal and can’t be forgiven. Don’t limit my life, Mom.
  • Listen to me and talk to me. Don’t get tired of my talking. If I ask you a question, answer me, because I have no one else to talk to.
  • Don’t make me look for an alternative to you.
  • Give me tenderness and safety. Be my support in the difficult times, Mom.
  • Don’t treat my siblings better than me or make me feel like your love for me is less than your love for them. Don’t spread hatred and grudges between us.

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That’s what i want from you Mom, in brief points. You are the one who has a major role in raising me, I have no one but you so please make me a good person who loves life and people not who hates them.

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