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How do I make my child love Quran?

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Screenshot 2023-05-27 075938

How do I make my child love Quran?

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One of the greatest foundations of human happiness is that God helps him to what he loves and pleases him and helps him to do good deeds and the greatest of these deeds for them is the good investment in children, many mothers wonder How do I make my child love Quran?, so that he grows up from a young age and at what age can start with him.

Raising children on Quran

Raising a child on Quran in a righteous environment is one of the greatest deeds by which a slave gets closer to his Lord and the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said: “If he dies, his work is interrupted except for three things: ongoing charity, knowledge that benefits him and a righteous child who calls for him.”

Parents were keen to teach their children to memorize Holy Quran at an early age as evidence of goodness, blessing and righteousness, to raise them on what benefits them and to be close to God and discipline them with Sharia literature, a trust in the necks of parents.

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How do I instill a love for Quran in my child’s heart ?

  1. Real model: as parents, be a living model of the love of Quran, read Quran regularly and comprehensively in front of your child so that he can see you and be moved by your love for the Book of Allah.
  2.  Common reading: Read Quran with your child regularly, choose small and age-appropriate portions also make reading a fun and shared experience.
  3. Stories of Quran: Tell your child stories of Quran in a simple language that suits his understanding and grabs his attention. You can also use story books that tell stories about Quran.
  4.  Reward motivation: Give your child small rewards when he reads or memorizes part of Quran, this strengthens his desire and makes him feel proud to achieve it.
  5. Participate in activities Related to Quran: Participate in activities of Quran in the mosque or school and help him participate in Quran competitions or related community events.
  6. Use technology: Look for apps and websites that offer interactive and encouraging ways to learn Quran in a funny way for children.
  7. Positivity and motivation: Encourage and motivate your child positively, do not blame him for mistakes, but consider it an opportunity to learn.
  8. Care about understanding: Help your child understand the meanings of Quran and reflect on the lessons and values it holds.
How do I make my child love Quran?

The sayings of the predecessors about raising children on religion

The righteous predecessors and the honorable companions were keen to raise their children in an Islamic education and discipline them according to the law of God because they knew the greatness of this matter and the sayings of the predecessors in this regard include:

  • Imam Ali bin Abi-Talib said: “Discipline them and teach them.”
  • Bin Abbas said: “Work in obedience to Allah, fear the sins of Allah and pass your family in remembrance, Allah will deliver you from Hell.”
  • Qatada said: “He commands them to obey Allah, forbids them from disobeying Allah, that He lets them obey Allah and commands them to do it also helps them with it.
  • As for Mujahid, he said: “Fear Allah and command your family to fear Allah.”

How do I make my child love Quran?

One mother of a 5-month-old baby says, how can I get him used to Quran and love Quran in, at what age can he start memorizing Quran?

We say may Allah reward you for your keenness to make your little one’s heart full of Quran and faith, but Quran does not have a specific age, it is possible to start with the child while he is a fetus before he is born.

Hearing Quran by a pregnant mother affects her fetus, he will be associated with this sound and will memorize it faster than others.

Quran can also be played by the voice of a well-versed reciter such as Sheikh Al-Husari and recited to the child’s ears.

As well as reading Quran in front of the child all the time.

When he is four or five years old, he can be attached to one of Holy Quran memorization houses.

You can memorize your child online with specialized teachers for all ages through jeras app.



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