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Ibn Simeon from a naked man to a great imam

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Screenshot 2023-05-27 075938

Ibn Simeon from a naked man to a great imam

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Allah is able to change destinies and universes overnight with one word (be and it is) and today we will learn my beloved children about one of the most beautiful stories, in which we see the great kindness and generosity of Allah with His righteous servants, today with the story of Ibn Simeon from a naked man to a great imam and how he had nothing, he went to Hajj while he had nothing to cover himself, then turned into a preacher and a great imam.

Ibn Simeon from a naked man to a great imam

At the beginning of his life and early age, ibn Simeon worked as a writer in Baghdad and was paid for it.

He was righteous to his mother a lot and spent on her from his work.

and one day he wrote next to his mother.

He told her, “I hope to go hajj to Allah’s house.”

She said to him, “My son, how can you go to hajj, without money?!”

His mother fell asleep and woke up an hour later and said to him, “My son, go to hajj.”

He told her, “I refused before bedtime and then you agreed after you woke up?”

She said: “I saw the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and he said to me: ‘Let him go to Hajj, it is good for him in this world and the Hereafter.'”

Ibn Simeon felt happy because of this promising vision, sold his notebooks and gave it’s price to his mother to spend on herself in his absence then he went on pilgrimage with the pilgrims.

The journey of transformation in Hajj from a naked man to the great imam and preacher Ibn Simeon

Pilgrims arrived at the Miqat (the place where any pilgrims make their intention to enter Hajj).

So all the pilgrims did their Ihram and made intention to perform the rituals, they wore the clothes of Ihram.

But Ibn Simeon did not have Ihram to wear it, so he remained naked and hidden and he was as patient as he could for hanger.

When he was hungry and could no longer bear it he went looking for people to eat with the pilgrims.

And looked at them, but was ashamed to ask them for food.

They turned to him and gave him a piece of bread, which was all he had for a day.

Ibn Simeon found an extra robe with a man, he said to him: “Give it to me to cover my body with, he gave it to him and he put half of it on his shoulder and half on his waist, and did Ihram with it”.

Ibn Simeon from a naked man to a great imam

Entering the Kaaba and praying to Allah Almighty

Ibn Simeon entered Mecca and asked one of the Banu Shaybah (who had the key of Kaaba) to enter the Kaaba.

He told him that he’s poor and wished to enter Kaaba a long time ago.

He brought him into the Kaaba after people had left, closed the door on him.

Ibn Simeon called Allah, saying: “Oh God, you are sufficient to inform me of my condition, Oh God, bless me with a living that I can dispense with from asking people.”

Ibn Simeon heard someone behind him says, “O Allah, grant him a life without hardship.”

Ibn Simeon turned behind him, found no one, but this voice was repeated three times.

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Marriage of Ibn Simeon

Ibn Simeon returned to Baghdad and his dua was answered by Allah.

The first wish was that Allah blessed him with a righteous wife.

The caliph wished to marry his maidservant to a righteous man.

His associates said to him, “Ibn Simeon has arrived from the pilgrimage, and he suits her.”

The caliph agreed, and ordered Ibn Simeon and witnesses to come.

Indeed, they brought witnesses and ibn Simeon got married to the caliph’s maidservant.

The caliph sent a lot of clothes, money and jewels with her.

From a poor man to a big scientist

Ibn Simon was keen to seek knowledge, until he became one of the great scholars and became a famous preacher.

He would tell his story to the students in lessons and science circles.

And remember a day when he was in Mecca without clothes.

He told his students: “Today I am wearing what you see, and good is what you know.”

Ibn Simeon wore the finest clothes and perfumed with the finest perfumes.)

This is in order to speak about the grace of Allah that He has been granted with.

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Lessons learned

  • Honoring parents opens the doors of happiness and goodness to man.
  • Praying to Allah by His names and attributes, plus mentioning our poverty for Him and our need for Him.
  • Good faith in Allah.
  • Whoever fears Allah will grant him from where he does not count.
  • Whoever trusts in Allah will enrich and suffice him.



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