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Our master Noah peace be upon him

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Our master Noah peace be upon him

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We will present to you my beloved children, the biography of our master Noah peace be upon him, as he is the first messenger sent by Allah Almighty to humans, inviting them to worship Allah alone and not to share anything with him, we will learn together about his biography and his call to Allah Almighty.

The call of our master Noah peace be upon him

Our master Noah (peace be upon him) was the first messenger sent by Allah to the people of the earth.

The people of Noah worshipped idols, so Allah sent him inviting to worship Allah and not share anything with Him.

Noah continued to call his people for 950 years, but they did not respond to him and continued to worship idols.

Whenever Noah spoke to them or passed in front of them, they put their fingers in their ears so that they would not hear what he was saying.

They accused him of misguidance and lying, just only few people believed in him, so Noah despaired of them and called his Allah to give him victory and deliver him from them.

The story of our prophet Noah (peace be upon him)

Allah commanded Noah to make a great ship.

And Noah began to build the ship with all diligence and perfection.

Whenever they saw him working with the ship, his people mocked him, so what would Noah do with this ship in this desert?!.

When it was finished, Allah commanded him to carry from every living kind a couple of animal, bird and insect on the face of earth, divided into a male and a female.

Then there was a heavy rain and earth blew up with many eyes and the volume of water became like mountains.

Noah and everyone who boarded on the boat has been survived and everyone who mocked him and did not believe in Allah drowned.

The ship went and stopped where Allah had commanded it, then the earth swallowed all the water, the rain stopped, and the ship docked on Mount Judi.

Noah (peace be upon him) began another new life on earth and there was a couple of every kind with him plus those who believed in him.

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What is the only animal that did not get on the ship of our master Noah (peace be upon him)?

When Noah finished the ship, Allah commanded him to take from each animal a pair.

 And he took from every soul on earth, animals, birds, insects, and all creatures, divided into a male and a female.

But only one animal did not board the ship was fish because it lives in water.

Why was Allah angry on Noah’s people?

Our master Noah peace be upon him

Because He sent messengers to them and they lied over and over again.

They don’t obey the orders of prophets and disobey Allah, so it is enough to deny them in sins and disbelief.

 Allah Almighty said: “Noah’s people lied before, they lied to our servant and said he was crazy and scorned.” (surah Al-qamar: 9).

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How did Noah’s people die?

 Allah commanded our master Noah (peace be upon him) to make a huge ship.

And he must take with him a punch of believers and a couple of all creatures.

Even if they boarded on the ship, Allah commanded land and sea turns against the village behind them.

Allah destroyed them with the flood as a reward for their infidelity, stubbornness, denial and regression from common sense.

Allah said: “We sent Noah to his people, and he stayed with them for a thousand years, except for fifty years, the flood took them while they were unjust”.

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