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Why do you hate me mother?

Why do you hate me mother?

A question like this may come as a shock to someone with even a trace of compassion in their heart. A mother might be taken aback when her child asks her, Why do you hate me mother? Indeed, there are actions coming from a mother that can only be understood as harboring a deep-rooted hatred towards her son or daughter. So why do you engage in such behavior? Is it due to past psychological issues you have faced, or do you truly hate your own child? Why did you even bring them into this world if that’s the case?

?Why do you hate me mother

I had a cheerful, kind-hearted friend who always had a smiling face. He loved everyone, helped others, and never hesitated to lend a hand. However, despite his loud laughter, I felt that there was something inside him, a lump in his heart that refused to come out.

I noticed that he would often come to my house and engage in conversations with my mother. When he left, he would pray for her. I found these behaviors puzzling because he seemed to enjoy being with her more than me. He would always repeat, “You’re lucky to have your mother.”

Knowing that my friend’s mother was still alive, curiosity got the better of me, and I asked him why. He burst into tears and said, “You have a mother who loves you, but my mother doesn’t love me.” I have never felt that she loved me since my childhood until now.

I don’t know what it feels like for a mother to love her child. don’t know the taste of embrace, comfort, and love.

And I have been deprived of all of this, and my mother is still alive. I search for it among the mothers of my friends, hoping to experience moments of that love, even if it’s fake.

Fear God when it comes to your child

Why does thinking about a young man or woman reach such an extent? Why do they search for love outside? Is it possible for someone to have a mother and still be deprived of her? And who is responsible for this negative feeling and emotional drift? Undoubtedly, the mother is the primary cause of everything. Every action you take towards your son plants behavior and feelings that cannot be erased by time or years.

Fear God when it comes to your child, you who claim to be virtuous. Don’t say that you are an excellent caregiver while being ignorant of the basic principles of upbringing. Don’t expect love and tenderness from him while claiming to be his mother, yet you don’t understand the meaning of motherhood.

Whatever deeds and crimes you committed against his childhood have made him a miserable, fragile, and weak individual to this extent. You have caused the destruction of a young man and the destruction of future generations because of the recklessness of your actions.

Don’t expect love from him unless you have shown it to him. Don’t expect warmth from him unless you have provided it first. And don’t expect appreciation and fear for your sake because he has never felt afraid for you. Please, don’t blame him and accuse him because you are the cause of everything.

Tips for neglectful mothers

Let the mother know that everything her child does and feels is a result of her actions towards him. Be extremely cautious in your interactions with all your children. Here are some tips to ensure that you don’t lose any of your children:

  • Make your son and daughter feel your love towards them, whether through kind words, whispers, kisses, and hugs. Don’t hold back your emotions towards them.
  • Your son has no relation to what happens to you in the outside society or the pressures you’re facing.
  • Your daughter has no relation to your problems with her father, so don’t seek revenge from her.
  • Your son didn’t choose his appearance, so don’t punish him for it. Don’t show more love to his brother just because he’s more handsome or even academically superior.
  • Your social problems with your husband, boss at work, or your mother have no relation to your children, so don’t vent your anger on them.
  • Discipline them according to their mistakes with constructive punishment, not humiliation, revenge, or venting anger.
  • Don’t differentiate in your treatment between them, even a simple kiss should be equal for all. Don’t sow hatred and resentment among siblings and then cry and complain.
  • Provide them with care and attention; it is your duty, not a favor from you.

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