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How can you treat your child’s tongue slips?

Screenshot 2023-05-27 075938


Screenshot 2023-05-27 075938

How can you treat your child’s tongue slips?

Screenshot 2023-05-27 075938

When a child begins to speak up with such bad words that reflect ridicule, rudeness and obscenity, his parents feel sorry about it and the situation is more embarrassing in front of others, from where did the child learn these words, he is an imitator who is not aware of everything he says, but he says and repeats everything he hears and in this article we will answer the question of How can you treat your child’s tongue slips? Thoughtfully, pedagogically and scientifically.

How can you treat your child’s tongue slips?

It is undeniable that the truth of all the words acquired by the child is an attempt to imitate others, so parents must be keen on the surroundings of their children and the environment in which they live.

The child must be monitored with his contact with others, his social, his human relations and the programs that the child watches and listens to, as well as the family environment, parents must take care in the language and words they speak with the child or in front of him.

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Problem prevention is better than treatment

To prevent the problem before it appears you must treat your child as you would like to be treated, do not tell him a single bad word but address him with beautiful words, use the language and words that you like your children to treat you with.

Teach your children to speak beautifully but they should hear it from you and directly to them. Say to your child: “Please/sorry/apologize/allow me/thank you,” and more importantly, say it with a smile, your children will learn and use them with you and others.

Before you punish your kid you have to make sure that he will be punished just for the obscene words he said, When a child says: “Why not, or why me, or I don’t want, or why do you forbid me,” he may say these words while screaming, crying, or being angry.

These are not obscene words but they express the child’s opinion and feelings towards a certain thing that he rejects or wants strongly, so a distinction must be made between the child’s opinion, the way he says it and between obscene words.

You should also monitor the language in your child’s surroundings, whether family, friends, school, club, etc., and evaluate your child continuously.

How can you treat your child’s tongue slips?

Your child’s tongue slips, tips and treatment

Do not care about these words in an exciting way and do not show extreme anger on them, you may alert the child not to say that and be firm but do not repeat the conversation again and do not give him more than he deserves, the child when he finds someone who does not share this talk will forget him, but if he feels that he has taken a space of your attention will repeat it many times in order to attract attention, for laughing, or to anger his father.

Praise your child and teach him the beautiful words you like to hear from him and when he tells you something you like, tell him: “I like this talk / Golden words / Your words are beautiful and calm.”

Teach your son the art of good speech, I do not care that you say beautiful words but are incomprehensible to the listener or loud, but speak calmly, clearly and without ridicule from the listener.

Many parents when they hear their children use obscene words, they intervene violently and with great anger, which makes the child’s adherence to this word stronger

You can consult a specialist in behavior modification if you feel that your child doesn’t respond.



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