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The Art of raising children

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The Art of raising children

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فن تربية الأطفال

Many fathers and mothers consider the child as a young enough to care about his feeling and it is not important to apologize to him when we make a mistake against him. For example, a mother once saw her child having toy with him that doesn’t belong to him, so she angrily told him that he was a thief and she had spoken to him before about this problem. The child took the toy from his friend after He gave his permission and they exchanged toys, shortly after that the other child came and confirmed the validity of the words and I was waiting for the mother to apologize to her child for accusing him, but she said that this would shake her image in front of him, that he was already suffering from theft problem.

The Art of raising children

There are many tips for mothers in raising children that facilitate the process of raising, the most important of which are:

pray for the kid

  • This is one of the basic methods of raising a child that all parents must adhere to because it has a great impact on reforming children.
  • The Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said to his nation: (Do not pray against yourselves, do not pray against your children, do not pray against your servants and do not pray against your wealth).
  • On the authority of bin Abbas, the Messenger of God (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said: (O God, teach him the Book) Narrated by Al-Bukhari.
  • One of the 10 most important qualities of a successful educator is to always pray for his children in every situation, both small and large.

Buy toys for children

The Art of raising children
  • A wonderful example in this matter is the Prophet with Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) and letting her play and have fun and make models.
  • The child’s need to play is like his need for food and drink because through it he learns about life and acquires various skills.
  • Also, Hussein the grandson of the Messenger of Allah had a puppy to play with.
  • Therefore, toys must be provided for the child to develop his skills, especially in the early stages of life.

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Stay away from too much blame and admonition

  • The Prophet never blamed a servant or a child, nor scolded or reprimanded for actions.
  • Anas (may God be pleased with him) served the Prophet for ten consecutive years. He described the upbringing of the Messenger (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said: I served him when I was at home, when I was traveling, and i swear he never said to me about something I did: Why did I do this? and Why did you not do this like this?” Agreed upon.
  • Also, the Prophet commanded us not to show the defects of the child and to help him improve his behavior.
  • One of the important first foundations for anyone who wants to learn how to raise children is to stay away from hunting for mistakes, blame and criticism because the first rule is that you are an educator and not an executioner or judge, but rather you are here to help the child and this is your role.

child education

  • Islam urges educating children because of its wonderful impact on society, so seeking knowledge is an obligation in Islam.
  • On the authority of Abu Darda, he said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said: “The example of someone who learns knowledge when he is young is like engraving on a stone and the example of someone who learns knowledge when he is old is like someone who’s writing on water.” Narrated by al-Tabarani.
  • The more knowledge that a child learns is related to religion and Quran, the more beneficial it will be for the child.
  • Want to teach your child math or science teach them by associating with the source of things in the end we learn this because it will help us to better understand the universe and creation and realize the greatness of the Creator.
  • For example, in the Montessori curriculum for children, the child learns science, mathematics, geography, and others in a way that connects all sciences, which in the end connects the child to God, because he will realize that everything around us is created by God Almighty.

child’s physical health

Islam greatly cares about the physical health of every Muslim through more than one point:

  • Teaching the child sports like swimming and horse riding.
  • Holding sports competitions for children.
  • Teaching the child to take care of his health through the use of toothpicks.
  • Teaching children to sleep on the right side.
  • Read Roqya on the child permanently.
  • Accustom children to nail trimming, hair cutting and personal hygiene.
  • Teaching and training the child to worship
  • It does not mean that the child realizes the importance of acts of worship, the reward of the believer and the torment of the unbeliever that he will directly adhere to the acts of worship.
  • Worship requires time, training, repetition, and patience.
  • Prayer alone takes three years for a child to be able to perform and commit to it.
  • It is wrong to leave the child until he reaches puberty and then order him to perform acts of worship
  • Set an example in front of the child by doing acts of worship.

Be a role model in your worships in front of the child

  • Endearing the child to worship through his participation with the educator in worship or taking him to the mosque.
  • Inculcating the faith in the child correctly by answering the questions he raises about the unseen and the prophets.
  • Tell stories to the child that introduce him to religion, love him in it and introduce him to the prophets and Quran.
  • Play Quran permanently at home.
  • Encouraging the child to memorize Quran.
  • Giving the child courses or enrolling him in a mosque so that he can have an educator who instills in his values and morals.
  • Tell the biography of the Prophet and the Companions to the child in a proportion to his age.
  • Not criticizing and blaming the child if he makes a mistake or falls short during the training period, but encouraging and motivating him.
  • Explaining the Quranic verses and contemplating them so that the child learns that Quran was revealed by God and includes everything that pertains to our lives and that it is a guide for all Muslims.

In the conclusion, the Prophet (peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him) did not leave anything related to raising children without giving us a model and an example to follow.

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