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The story of Bishr bin Al-Harith’s repentance

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The story of Bishr bin Al-Harith’s repentance

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We will learn together my beloved children about the story of Bishr bin Al-Harith’s repentance, nicknamed (Bishr Al-Hafi) and how a paper lying on the ground caused a change in his life and turned him from having fun and playing to one of the great scholars.

The repentance of Bishr bin Al-Harith

Some people asked Bishr ibn al-Harith about his beginning before repentance and they said to him: “What was the beginning of your command because your name among people is as if it were the name of a prophet?”

That is: “How did you repent to Allah and become a great scientist?”

Bishr replied to them, saying: “This is from the grace of Allah”, and told them the story of his repentance because of a paper written in it (In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful).

The story of Bishr bin Al-Harith’s repentance (Al- Hafi)

Bishr bin Al-Harith was a prince of primates who had no purpose in life rather than playing and having fun.

One day when he was walking, he found a piece of paper lying on the ground.

Bishr took this paper and it’s written on it: “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.”

Bishr went down to the river, washed the paper and put it in his pocket.

He had only two dirhams at this time, he went to the spice dealer to buy musk and rose water for perfuming the paper with them.

After returning home, he fell asleep tonight and saw a vision which caused him to repent.

He saw in his dream someone saying to him: “O Bishr bin al-Harith, you have lifted up our name from the road and perfumed it, so we will please your name in this world and in the hereafter.”

Bishr accompanied one of the great scholars at the time, Al-Fadil bin Ayyad, he learned from him asceticism and became a great sheikh of Islam and Muslims.

Bishr bin Al-Harith’s pious and asceticism

One friend told him once, “I like gathering with you.”

Bishr said to him, “If you want, it will be one day.”

His companion told me that he had gone to him one day, but no human being would notice him because he was praying to Allah.

Some sayings of Bishr bin Al-Harith

His companion said: “I saw him enter a dome (i.e. a small tent), in which he prayed four rakahs, no one could pray like him and I heard him saying in his prostration:

“Oh God, you know on your throne that humiliation is dearer to me than honor, Oh God, you know on your throne that poverty is dearer to me than riches, Oh God, you know on your throne that I do not choose anything over your love.”

When I heard him, I inhaled and cried deeply.

Bishr said, “Oh God, you know me, if I had known that he was here, I would not have spoken.”

The story of Bishr bin Al-Harith’s repentance

Lessons learned from this story

  • To attribute all the credit for guidance to Allah alone.
  • Do not under estimate any good deed, no matter how simple it is.
  • Glorifying Allah: glorifying His name and not throwing away a paper that has the name of Allah Almighty, but we can burn, remove, bury or keep it.
  • The first way of guidance is to seek knowledge.
  • The best deed is benevolence of prayer.
  • Begging Allah Almighty by His names and attributes.
  • The believer being humiliated only with Allah, show weakness only with Allah and no one become your first love over Allah.
  • Anyone shows loyalty to Allah does not like to praise people or be praised by them.

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