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The wonders of the Qur’an: appropriate words for conditions.

An increase in the word produces an increase in meaning, as mentioned in the story of Dhul-Qarnayn with the weak people of Gog and Magog, where he said: Bring me iron bits even when the two shells are equal, He said: Blow until He makes it fire. Come to me and pour a drop of water on him, but they were not able to reveal it, and they were not able to Niqab [Surah Al-Kahf: 96, 97].

If a person were told to express – he is an engineer – the process of building a dam, the stages of construction, the plan taken, and teach the ignorant the science of industry with motivation, motivation, and encouragement, he would not be able to bring it with the same brief words that include all meanings.

Come to me, work, come to me even though he has the ability, he wants to push them to work iron bits of iron, even if the two shells are equal, they work and he works, and each one has a role, and he is indispensable for them, but he wants to teach them and motivate them to work and get out of that ignorant nation The oppressed, the oppressed, the oppressed, the humiliated, the humiliated, come out of them craftsmen who know the value of God’s grace, and God’s grace.

When does it work and when do they work? When will their turn come and when will his turn come? He said, “Blow” until He made it a fire. He said, “Bring me to pour drops of water on it.”

They have to search, gather, fetch, and see the plan how it is implemented, and they enter with him in the stages, and their role does not end at the beginning of the command, with the first command they go out, no, bring me iron bits even if it is equal between the two shells. He said: Come to me and pour a drop of water on it [Surah Al-Kahf]:96].

Then contemplate his saying: They were not able to make it visible, and they were not able to break through it [Surah Al-Kahf: 97].

The first he said: They could not do without the ta’, and in the second he said: They could not add the ta’.

Which is more informative, they could or could?

The answer: “They could.” It was reported; Because it increased the T, and the increase in the building indicates an increase in the meaning, the increase in the building of the word, the increase in the T in this indicates an additional meaning more than his saying: “They could.”

So the ability is more informative and stronger, why? Each one must fit what is in front of it, so they could not show it to climb on it, and they could not dig a hole for it and dig it as much as they could, so which is more difficult? Climbing it or digging it up?

The answer: digging and excavating it is more difficult, no doubt; Because this alloy is composed of iron clad with copper, which is the strongest alloy in the world, penetrating it is almost very, very difficult. :97].

He met each with what suited him verbally and meaning, and his ability to dig through the dam is stronger than his ability to climb it.

Wonders of use in the words of the Holy Quran

One of the wonders of the Qur’an is that every word of it has a benefit in its place that would not have been obtained if it was used in another place.

Ibn Qutayba – may God have mercy on him – said: “Some people said that they lacked knowledge and had poor eyesight in the words of the Highest: And you see the sun, when it rises, turning away from their cave to the right, and when it sets, turning away from them to the left. And they are in a gap from it [Surah Al-Kahf: 17].

Then came these or some of the short-sighted ones who were given out of their ignorance. He said: What is the benefit of this speech? And what is in the sun if it turns away from the cave in the morning and evening from the news?

And you see the sun, when it rises, declining from their cave to the right, and when it sets turning towards them to the left [Surah Al-Kahf: 17].

It was as if some of them were ignorant when they said: What is new in this speech? This is known when the sun rises on the right, and when it sets on the left.

He said: “But God, may God bless him and grant him peace, wanted us to know His kindness to the boys, His protection for them in dormancy, and His choice for them of the best places to sleep, so He informed us that He housed them in a cave in Qanat al-Jabal – “Qanat al-Jabal” – the place on the mountain that the sun does not reach – facing the daughters of the Throne – the stars, the well-known group of stars. – The sun visits him and turns around him, rising, running, and setting, and it does not enter upon them, so it harms them with its sea, stings them with its poison, changes their colors and wears out their clothes, and that they were in a gap in the cave – meaning a space in it – in which the breeze of the wind and its cold reach them, and banishes them from the grief and distress of the cave “[12].

So, speech is not, as some imagine, a foregone conclusion. No, there are great, great, and various meanings that show God’s kindness to those who believed in Him, and God’s benevolence to them as they did good.


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